Shazam! Score Cover
Benjamin Wallfisch (2019)


Why You Should… if you’ve followed Benjamin Wallfisch’s developing career path carefully, because Shazam! is the anticipated lightning bolt that resurrects grand majestic orchestral harmony for the DC superhero brand.

Why You Shouldn’t… if you’ve become too closely attached to the rowdy power anthem style that Hans Zimmer now made synonymous with the brand. 

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Dumbo (2019)

Dumbo Score Cover
Danny Elfman (2019)


Why You Should… if you seek an encircling presentation of Elfman’s iconic sound for Tim Burton, the composer providing instrumental harmony and melody in spades. 

Why You Shouldn’t… if the routine musical nature of the circus environment or the utter failure of the Baby Mine adaptation as heard in film is more maddening than Vandevere’s animal abuse.


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Petta Score Cover
Anirudh Ravichander (Score-2019)
Petta Album Cover
Anirudh Ravichander (Soundtrack-2019)


Why You Should…
Anirudh Ravichander’s dream opportunity to hybridise song and score into a multi-thematic, consistently engaging portmanteau is well realized.

Why You Shouldn’t…
The composer’s sacrifice of key missing cues and a minimal run time don’t help in allowing these ideas to fully be fleshed into something greater.

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Mr. Majnu Score Cover
S.S.Thaman (Score-2019)


Mr.Majnu Album Cover
S.S.Thaman (Soundtrack- 2019)


Why You Should…
If you’re enticed by an effective marriage in original songs and score in your international musicals, Thaman’s increased focus on melody and style providing a reflection of his more appealing output in recent memory.

Why You Shouldn’t…
If the composer’s minimal deviations from the songs in score cause you to scratch your head at the lack of substantial separate dimension. 

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