About the Site

Launched in January 2016 as part of a rather bizarre New Year’s Resolution to balance organisation and other personal skill requirements, Synaesthesia Scores is a venture of discovery and passion by owner Hari Haran, to gain and present further understanding of the niche world of film scores, and the impact they have on the general public. The reviews presented on this website are of both old and new, with clear designation based on composer(s), date, recording facilities, additional performers, length and clarity.

All reviews are non-biased, and as such it is always healthy for any listener to approach a particular score as such. Please note that this website does not engage in reviews for soundtrack albums (i.e. the ones with the songs in them!), nor any promotions as such. The aforementioned neutral perspective is critical to expand one’s musical understanding as well as taste, though it is of high belief that no one should be ostracised for having their personal preferences. Visitors are encouraged to show support for the website by simply following it, and are always welcome to engage in comments. The spectrum of which the human mind denotes the internet, however, is rather unpredictable, so be warned for any off-putting human behaviour.

This is a non-profit website, and its sole purpose lies in pleasure, so it ethically escapes any crosshairs. Reviews will be presented on the “New Reviews For 2016 Scores” widget on the primary sidebar (right-hand), and this site will most likely be one of constant update until a satisfying state of content is maintained. The sidebar is key to navigating your way around the website, and contains desirable information.

Many thanks in advance for visiting the site!



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